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No more traffic and gridlock, our inspiring tutors come to your home! Our students love their experience and are proud of their Jewish heritage. Temple of the Arts is proud to announce our new "At Home Bar/Bat Mitzvot preparation program and website".

We offer in home tutoring, Hebrew reading, preparation for children and adults, understanding of prayer, and lastly understanding of Torah and Israel through engaging books and projects. Our program allows for your child to have the Bat/Bar Mitzvah of their choice in the location of their choice. We have had the big day in homes, hotels, the temple, and other event spaces.


Our Tutors

The Bat/Bar Mitzvah experience is a once and a life time magical moment. In today’s world children are over programmed and over scheduled. Temple of the Arts understands this. Our tutors spend each session with your child doing everything from learning to read Hebrew and being taught temple teflia (prayer). Our tutors go above and beyond to bake Challah and even will bring amazing content on Israel and Jewish history. Your child will not only love being part of the Jewish people, they will cherish this experience for the rest of their lives. Our students actually look forward to their training!


Living in today’s world, Jewish teens are bombarded with social media and information. Temple of the Arts created a social website called the for teen’s ages 13-17 years old. This site allows teens to keep a connection post Bar/Bat Mitzvah and to post and read information on everything from understanding anti-Semitism, to understanding mental illness. Once your teen signs up with us and has their big day, they get automatic entry onto the Dreidel which has over 10,000 subscribers. is a game changer because it helps teen navigate our world and their Jewish identity.


All of our students participate in our 13 Mitzvot Project. We build an awareness of preforming mitzvoth throughout their lifetime. Temple of the Arts helps children look at three Jewish concepts: Torah (the Five Books of Moses), Avodah (service to the Jewish people and God), and Chessed (acts of loving kindness for themselves and their community). Temple of the Arts lets each child pick a project that is close to their heart, as a way to give back to their community. Since its inception, it has become an integral part of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah program. Past students have chosen to help Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles Foster Care, special needs sports teams and so many other amazing organizations that give back. By doing this, the child learns the act of love and kindness which is the greatest commandment of them all! In turn, this helps connect them to God and Torah.


Temple of the Arts provides religion in a very dynamic way for the 21st century! Through music, film, dance, and theater, we bring you a Jewish experience that is truly one of a kind! If you sign your child up with us, you will have access to our temple monthly Shabbat services with our clergy. We also help prepare your child to love and understand Jewish prayer. Prayer is an integral part of our 3,500 year spiritual tradition and understanding it unlocks so many doors.  Like many other life skills, prayer will be one that children will take with them for the rest of their lives.  Anywhere they find themselves in our vast world, they will be able to walk into a Jewish house of worship and pray with any segment of the Jewish community. Your family will also have access to high holidays that attract so many worshipers! Lastly, your family will have access to Saban Theater- Temple of the Arts events with the best and brightest on the scene in Jewish LA.

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